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Murder at Camp Tera

Set in Summer 1934 in the Lower Hudson Valley and Brooklyn with America gasping in the Depression’s choke hold, Murder at Camp Tera weaves together a richly detailed narrative of the Depression with an intriguing narrative showing that regardless of historical period, people still murder for countless reasons, and in increasing numbers – murders rose by 20 percent from the start of the Depression in Fall 1929, to the period covered in Murder at Camp Tera.

Moses Rose: A Tale of the Alamo and Survivors

Moses Rose, a 50-year-old former French soldier, escapes from the Alamo before its fall. He knows he will face suspicion and scorn for not dying with the other defenders. He does not know that he is destined to meet Mary, the widow of a man who chose to stay. (published 1996; e-book 2016)